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Are you in overwhelm? Do you feel unclarity or low? This is due to ‘energetic debris’, but you can cleanse your energy yourself

On New Year’s Eve, most people have new resolutions and new goals, visions and wishes of what they would like to manifest. However, as we all know, it’s not so easy to stay on track, and we’re easily drawn back into the same old habits.

After you reviewed your old year, you probably felt very clear about what you wanted. You knew what you needed to do to get there and you felt motivated and strong enough to do it… Whether you wanted to let go of an old habit (or even addiction), take more time out or be more active, let go of mental or emotional ‘stuff’ inside or a relationship that’s not serving you anymore, you knew what you wanted to change and felt brave to take your steps.

However, with the best intentions, there come those moments where you feel sluggish, overwhelmed or unclear – and not ready to move into what you really want.

As though you have ‘brain fog’ (or ‘emotional fog’), and you can hardly remember why you wanted something to change so badly. “Oh, just this once… it’s just for a little while…” – you know your excuses. And before you realize it, you’re back in the ‘mud’. Especially in moments of feeling weak, lonely and needy, you feel far from being strong and brave enough to step into the new.

This easy exercise will help you with this.

The reason this is so effective is because in all these overwhelming, low, unclear moments, your energy field is literally ‘cloudy’, even ‘stuffed’. And you can free yourself from that. So, ideally, below is what it looks like: If you are in a state of being low and stuffed(image on the left), with this exercise, you can go back to or step into being really clear and radiant again (image on the right).

These examples show how powerful the energy change can be (this does not, however, include changing gender!!

A low and stuffed energy field:


A clear and radiant energy field:

The exercise below helps you become more YOU again. It’s really magic – as are so many exercises in ‘Energy Balancing’, which work in a couple of minutes, can be done anywhere and any time and don’t need much practice to be effective for you! It will help you clear emotions, thoughts and other energies that keep you away from who you really are and what you really want.


How to clear yourself so you can focus on what you really want

1. Take note of your state 

Can you feel the stuff that is hanging out in your field? Is it energetic ‘debris’ that is clogging you up, emotional issues you are dealing with, or a busy or scattered mind? Try to feel the stuff that keeps you from feeling your true Self, that makes you feel sluggish or unclear and not ready to move into your next task or into what you really want.

2. Charge your hands with energy

Rub your palms together quickly, as though you are washing them with soap. Then hold them a few inches apart. Notice the energy flowing between them.

3. Set your intention 

Set the intention that the energy flowing through your hands will clear and cleanse your energy field, so you can be closer to your true Self again, be clear and vital, and ready to take a step towards what you really want.

You may also say (internally or out loud) an affirmation such as the following:

“Powerful, cleansing energy is flowing through my hands. It releases energetic (emotional, mental) debris – and everything that doesn’t serve me anymore.”

4. Cleanse your field

Using your imagination, “see” the stuff that’s clogging your energy field.

Breathe in and put your hands close to your body with the palms facing forwards / outwards.

While breathing out, slowly move your hands away from your body.

See yourself sweeping away the clouds of energetic debris.

Repeat this as often as you like, while you sweep different areas of your field (you can play with the order if you like):

The front of your body and around the torso are the areas where more of theemotional stuff hangs out. (Tip: Where your arms can’t reach – behind you – visualize the energy extending from your hands doing the job.)

Around the head, where you move your hands from your head outwards (in all directions), you clear your mind as this is where mental threads are hanging out like a cloud of unnecessary thoughts.

Also clear around your lower body – hips, legs and feet – and you might want to shake them out to help release.

5. Shake out your hands

Energetic stuff can stick to your hands, so shake them out from time to time to release this. Do this with your arms stretched out, away from the body. Don’t throw this stuff on anyone else: let it drop down and trust that the earth will naturally transform it.

6. Completion: Breathe and take note

Stand relaxed, take three deep breaths to release any last debris. Feel your body and the area around your body. You might notice feeling lighter or brighter, more vital, clearer and with a sharper perception, and more focused on, and ready for, what you really want to do or be.

So, if this was a good exercise for you and you did notice a difference – think for a moment: When is a good time for you to make this exercise a part of your daily life?

1. First thing in the morning to clear yourself from dream stuff you accumulated during the night, or negative thoughts or emotions you woke up with… and start the day fresh and clear!

2. First thing when you come home from work, to clear the ‘work energies’, so you don’t dump these at home and you can be a better spouse, parent, student, lover, …or just happier with yourself and be more of what you really want.

3. Right before going to bed, to ‘dust off’ the day so you ensure a better quality of sleep.

4. Several times during the day, e.g. after a meeting – especially if it had negative vibes or was draining – so you don’t carry those energies with you any further and you will be clear and focused for the next task or appointment.

5. Any time you feel distracted by emotional issues moving around inside of you or by a scattered mind…this gets you back to focusing on what you really want to do.

Pick what suits you. Remember: This is a ‘quickie’ you can do several times a day to feel better and clearer – and come back to who you really are.

If you have depressive moments that are weighing you down or holding you back, you might want to have a look at our article ‘How to Uplift Yourself out of a Depressive Mood’.

If you are bothered by emotional turmoil, e.g. a relationship crisis, a stressful situation at work or in your family, check out the list of our coaches available to support you through the process. They will help you come back to yourself, find clarity and confidence and the emotional balance you need to have a healthy, happy relationship and an effective work life.

Maybe getting coaching is a great way to start the year and follow through with what you wanted to achieve?! Find our certified Energy Balancing Coaches here.

Our book  “Your Energy in Action”  covers a lot more energy exercises to explore for you to grow.

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