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Ever had this happen to you?  It’s a tough world for a highly sensitive being.

Your friend is full of emotional energies.

Your friend shares his emotional story.

His emotional “stuff” is now hanging in your field.

I (Kabir) ran into a friend, Antonio, and we stopped to talk for a few minutes. I could see he was upset. When I asked him what was going on he hesitated, then blurted out that he’d just had a big blow-up with his partner, Sandi.

Antonio is Italian and for him having family and kids is really important. But Sandi isn’t so sure if she’s ready for kids, at least not yet. The relationship is relatively new and she’s going through a lot of personal changes. She wants time to feel herself, get on her feet and find her new direction. She’s not saying no to a child but she wants to make the decision in her own time.

Antonio feels an urgency. Sandi just turned forty, and it makes him frightened that they’ll miss this opportunity. As we spoke I could see that this urgency was acting like a lens, making him misinterpret Sandi’s responses. He was taking her reticence to have a child as a rejection and feeling hurt, projecting that she doesn’t really love him and that she’s not committed to the relationship. During our short conversation Antonio’s many bottled up feelings of anger, blame, fear, hurt and pain spewed forth.

I could empathize with Antonio’s pain. My own heart hurt in resonance with his. But I also felt something else. I felt awful! Speaking bluntly, I felt like I had just been vomited on. His frustration and pain and anger vibrated in my body. I knew these feelings weren’t mine. I hadn’t been feeling this a moment before meeting him, nor had it “pushed my buttons”; children and committed relationships weren’t my issue. I was carrying a load of stuff that had just been spewed into me.

The transference of energy from one person to another is very real. If a person is carrying a positive and uplifted energy it can transfer to you, lifting your spirit and vitalizing your field. Think of a person who loves and respects you. You may not have thought of it this way, but their positive attitude is more than just a belief or feeling they are carrying towards you; they are also sending positive energy your way; it is this energy that brings such a nice feeling to both your body and your mind.

But when the energy coming towards you is disturbed, it can disturb to you. Not only is it unpleasant, it can actually be toxic. Imagine throwing a handful of dirt into the oil in your car’s engine. It’s the same for your energy system. Disturbed and negative energies are like dirt thrown into your inner workings; they throw you off balance, aggravate your emotions, clog your system and befuddle your mind.

Antonio was carrying many disturbed emotions. Unknowingly in his sharing with me he released those emotions – directly into my energy field! He actually felt better afterwards; he was no longer carrying such a large load of stuff. But I felt terrible.

Taken from “Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living”

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