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Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living (ebook)

€ 14,99

Energy is the Answer.

These days, millions of people complain about energy -- not having enough energy, feeling like our energy is out of balance, or even having to deal with an overload of energy. The demands of day-to-day life can often leave us feeling depleted. Our everyday stresses can make it difficult for us to focus on our work, and challenging for us to communicate effectively. Sometimes it's just too difficult for us to switch off and get the precious sleep we need to restore our vital energy.

What's the solution? There are many techniques like yoga, meditation, or stress management that can be helpful; and yet, with all their benefits they often don't completely solve our problems. That's because they are not fully addressing the root of the issue. The real problem underlying everything is energy.

Everything is Energy. Energy is Everything.

Everything in the Universe -- from planets to mobile phones -- is made of energy. Everything we think, feel or do is made of energy. Energy is shaping our moods, our communications and our relationships at every moment. Yet, in spite of all this, very few of us understand how energy works, how it impacts our lives, or how to use it to our advantage.

What if we could learn how to tap into and harness the boundless reserves of energy that are already at our disposal at every moment?

Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living is THE book to help you do this.

A powerful, ground-breaking, collaborative book written by four of the world's leading pioneers in energy psychology and spirituality, Your Energy in Action! brings you a rich introduction to the fascinating world of energy and gives you a whole new take on reality.
Lushly presented with over 150 never-before-published illustrations of energy, the 300 easy-to-read pages of Your Energy in Action! will open your eyes to what is REALLY going on in life, but has been invisible to you…until now.

This book will help you:
UNDERSTAND how energy works in the world around you
PERCEIVE energy in action by developing energy awareness
USE energy in your communications, relationships and all aspects of your life

You'll learn practical skills and exercises for daily living that you can do right away and anywhere -- even in the middle of business meetings or casual conversations. These tools have been tried and tested in energy workshops for over 18 years, with thousands of people around the world.

Plus, for those who wish to dive into an even deeper understanding of reality, Your Energy in Action! will open your eyes to a bright new world of self-realization and inner growth. And if you're someone who already works with energy, this book will help you gain deeper insight into the energy dynamics between you and others, how your energy work affects YOU, and how to protect yourself better from unhealthy energies.

Without spending years practicing new skills or setting aside special time, Your Energy in Action! helps you tap into energy and put it into action -- right here, right now. Read this book and find out why so many who have used these strategies have summed it up in these words:
"So Quick. So Simple. So Effective."

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